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Medical Translations

DIP is providing flagship multi-language Medical Translation service powered by the world’s best medical machine translation engine, which is self-developed by the top Natural Language Processing experts based on 37 years’ continuous research. We also have dedicated in-house teams of advanced medical translators with diversified professional background, covering non-clinical, clinical, CMC and some other fields as your reliable proofreading partners.
We’re leading Medical Machine Translation for healthcare industry and glad to bring you along this exciting journey.
We provide medical translation service, with low price, high quality within short duration.

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Intelligent Pharmacovigilance

The implementation of pharmacovigilance and the establishment of risk management systems are crucial to ensuring patient safety. DIP provides innovative risk management solutions throughout the whole product life cycle, overcoming the slow pace of safety signal detection in traditional pharmacovigilance systems and expediting the management of identified risks.

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A.I.M provides world-leading solutions to help pharmaceutical keep up with the fast pace of change. Our content generation and publication platform relies on machine translation to enable the rapid creation and accurate delivery of multilingual educational materials and publications.
The advanced AI technology of continuous data analytics gives pharmaceutical companies broader, more profound insights, faster. We help you to find the new opportunities and answers that are hidden in the avalanche of both structured data and unstructured, disconnected data. You can draw on our data and insights from anywhere, at any time, to make good decisions, quickly.

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Intelligent Medical Writing

Increasing R&D by pharmaceutical companies has led to a surge of demand for regulatory documents. We at DIP are dedicated to finding innovative ways to meet all aspects of these demands by bridging the expertise of writers and AI scientists to make the writing process more efficient and creative.
We help pharmaceutical companies develop AI enabled writing tools, including automatic writing, tabulated data analysis, document review, quality control, and more. Writers, coauthors, and reviewers are freed from time-consuming and repetitive tasks, allowing them to dedicate their energy and knowledge to other projects.
The timelines for regulatory documents development, such as for IND, CTA, MAA, etc., will be drastically reduced. Content quality and data accuracy will be ensured. The benefits we offer ultimately benefit the patients who are eagerly waiting for the medical innovations that can improve their lives.

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A Blockchain-based, Patient-research Ecosystem

We apply blockchain techniques to create a new ecosystem for medical and clinical research, helping different roles on the platform to find the information they need. Blockchain technologies enable transparent data usage and efficient information transactions, while supporting both the privacy of patients and the confidentiality of research organizations. This ecosystem will give hope to patients by supporting different types of research participants.

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